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LIQUIDACION. Cable de Inserción Serie SG, RCA M / RCA M, 1.8m

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LIQUIDACION The new line of “MULTIWAY” SERIES cables is designed for a universe full of different standards of communication and connection. Whether you have to connect a guitar or a computer to an expander, the “MULTIWAY” line always offer the best wiring solution. Instrument, microphone, speaker, MIDI, HI-FI, hard-disk recording, audio/video, power cables, adapter cables… all realized with the best PROEL connectors and cables. Obviously, we put special care in offering the best quality / price relationship. Whatever your connection requirement, “MULTIWAY” series will have the solution. This product is guaranteed against defects in material or in manufacturing. PROEL ensures its repair or replacement at its own discretion when, following a check, such defects are detected (damages caused by improper use, tampering or unauthorized repair attempts will not be recognized). Cable de Inserción Serie SG, RCA M / RCA M, 1.8m

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